Family Group Worksheets

Among the many recent modifications that I’ve made to the site, I believe this one has the potential to add the most capability down the road. Guests, without having to login,┬ácan use the worksheet to:

  1. Update information that they’ve found in error on the site.
  2. Add to information that exists on the site, or might be missing from existing records.
  3. Submit new individual or family records on themselves, or other family information that they might be aware of.

Once received, I can then take the email that is generated by the worksheet, and use the submitted information to update, modify or add to the database, if it is applicable.

To open the worksheet, from the home page, near the bottom, click the Submit button, or if you are in the database, and wish to submit from there, simply click the “Find” dropdown, and select Submit Family Group Worksheet.

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